Bridgemusico has three amazing photobooth options for you and your guests to capture memories and leave with a keepsake they will cherish forever!

Our affordable packages all come with a complimentary prop package, an attendant and delivery of digital copies of each photo. Learn more about our booths below and click the button bellow for any and all inquiries.


The classic stand-in open air photobooth is what everyone expects and has been a guest favorite for years.

This simple and interactive experience is easy enough for grandma to use and quick enough for the speedy millennial.

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The Mirror Me Booth is our premium offering that takes photo booth fun to a whole new level!

As participants walk up to the mirror, colorful animations and a voice guidance invite them to engage in a magical, interactive “selfie” experience instantly printing a customized 4x6 photo keepsake.

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Our green screen booth is perfect for small and large group photos, and also our most affordable.

We create stunning event themed backdrops on exclusively 4x6 prints guest can pick up by the end of your event.

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  • Capture customizable photos, videos & GIFs on the interactive touchscreen

  • Unlimited custom designed 4x6 or 2x6 strip prints

  • Complimentary prop package

  • On glass animations & vocal ques

  • Personalize photos with signatures, stamps and emojis on the touchscreen after taking a photo.

  • Photo filters

  • Share content instantly via text, email or social media with our sharing station

  • Up to 6 guests

  • Augmented reality...let's just say it's SUPER COOL!

View The Mirror Me Booth In Action

Classic Open Air Stand-In Photobooth.


  • Ultra simple touchscreen interface for users to capture photos and up to 30 seconds of video.

  • Fast prints in just 8 seconds.

  • Your choice between 4x6 & classic 2x6 photo strips with optional custom text and graphics

  • Customized welcome screens for each event

  • Email & Facebook sharing options

  • 4-6 guests max

  • Complimentary prop package

Green Screen Photography


  • Super HD DSLR camera

  • Our most affordable option

  • Custom backdrop themes styled for your event with text

  • 4x6 prints only

  • Up to 10 guests, our largest booth option

  • Frames available free of charge.

  • Complimentary prop package